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Project “Mammut”: Direct Air Capture


We are pleased to be involved in the realization of one of the most exciting plant construction projects in Europe. For our Swiss client Climeworks we will build the world’s largest plant for CO2 capture from ambient air as EPC.

In this batch process, known as Direct Air Capture (DAC), air is extracted through a special filter material. The highly selective filter material absorbs only the CO2 from the air. The carbon dioxide is then expelled using low-pressure steam and dissolved in water. This water is then stored deep underground, where the dissolved CO2 crystallizes over the course of a few years. The carbon dioxide is thus removed from the natural cycle for many millennia and cannot continue to contribute negatively to the global greenhouse effect. DAC is currently the only technical process available on a large scale to reverse – at least partially – the consequences of fossil energy use by humans.

As EPC, we are responsible for the entire process equipment and parts of the EMSR technology from design, construction to commissioning. The plant will have a capacity of 36,000 t_CO2/a in full operation and will start trial operation at the end of 2023. Direct Air Capture is a new challenge for us, where we can contribute our decades of experience as plant engineers for our client.

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